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We at BeFit Vacations take our guests on an unforgettable experience that combines fitness with the most attractive destinations in the world; A rejuvenating holiday featuring a variety of sport and fitness activities such as functional training, extreme sports, yoga lessons, surfing, water sports, running and more. Each retreat is accompanied by professional fitness trainers who offer daily fitness classes, making sure your holiday is both active and unique! You don’t have to worry about anything because we’ll take care of everything.

Types Of


Fitness Vacation

Exercise is the main focus of this trip. If you want to dramatically increase your level of fitness, improve athletic performance while gaining strength and flexibility- this retreat is for you!

Urban Active Vacation

Connecting you with the city’s culture through exercise

Deluxe Resorts

Exclusive accommodations in luxury resorts around the world. Hospitality is combined with first class amenities and service. The Wellness section on our hotels aims to maintain the optimal condition of good comfort and health in harmony of physical, mental and emotional needs.

Fitness Activities

We offer a wide variety of classes to suit everyone’s need, including exciting programs like HIIT, Pilates, Cycling, Yoga, Total Body Interval, personal training and many more!

Healthy Eating

Mouthwatering meals prepared by chefs and tailor-made to your nutritional plans. Explore fresh, local cuisine and a rich diversity of flavors and aromas